Eminem tells it all: ‘Lose Yourself’ forgives the Oscars


At the Dolby Theater, nobody gave credit

After the Grammy, the  Golden Globes and the Super Bowl, the Oscars had the bar high to end all this string of celebrations. Glamor and luxury wherever you look and the performance of an Eminem that surprised those gathered there and who from home we follow the awards ceremony, the singer dared to give the note and left no one indifferent!

‘Lose Yourself’ was the song that the singer surprisingly interpreted on this occasion, did he regret not going 17 years ago to collect the statuette for this same song and did it now?

Public hallucinated and the rest too. An explanation was expected from the rapper and finally, he has given it.

He did not think he was going to win, the things of youth and not understanding the importance and caliber of these awards or the possibility that 17 years ago the actors there concentrated did not understand him, nor his music either … do not sound like an excuse of the least thought to justify itself?

It is said that the rapper refused to sing a censored version of his song and that is why he did not appear … but Eminem has not said a single word.

At least he thinks he remembers that he was at home with his daughter, although he didn’t even see the gala!

He has also recognized that the idea of ​​interpreting the ‘Lose Yourself’ did not start from him but from the organization of the gala, from the publicists who thought that the surprise appearance of the singer would be a good idea. Because none of this was known and he only rehearsed a few times with the orchestra that was going to accompany him on stage.

They proposed it to him, Eminem found it fun and he launched into it!

And this time the version was what the singer wanted, although 17 years later.