Daniela Ospina’s message of love that melts Instagram


People drool

Daniela Ospina divides her life into several passions. Work, sports, family, her partner, Harold Jiménez … but, without a doubt, her great love and obsession is her only daughter, Salome, the result of her previous marriage, with James Rodríguez. About to turn seven, the Colombian is responsible for her little girl, because, because of her father’s work, she can barely be with her. And both agreed that it is best to be with the former professional volleyball player, as she barely spends time at home since she is training or traveling through all the countries on the planet. And, when you are on vacation or suffer an injury, you can spend a few weeks, or days, with it.

‘Salo’ has always been defined as a very intelligent and mature girl for her age, who quickly understood her family’s situation, her grandfather’s death or her parents’ divorce. But they do not deny that at first, she had a very bad time seeing her parents separated since she had not just done the idea. However, rather than having a bad time, that ended up uniting her more, especially with her mother, who published an exciting text. “My little monkey, I never imagined in my life love as Perfect as yours, or that God could reward me with such a valuable gift. You will always be my teacher and I promise to be there every second to guide you and protect you in everything you do. I love you! ”Read the text.

“How beautiful she is, like her mother”, “Only you know how to touch someone’s heart in this way”, “How beautiful is the love of a mother, too bad I couldn’t meet mine” and “How lucky little Salome of having Daniela as a mother ”were some comments.