Andrea Valdiri the brown lees! Maximum madness: Instagram upside down!


The dancer’s occurrences are the most

Andrea Valdiri is intrepid by nature, apparently, she is not afraid of anything or anyone, she faces the world with the same force with which she moves her hips. And all this fierceness is not at all incompatible with coquetry, the dancer is presumed, takes care of herself and retouches herself… although sometimes she comes up with ideas of the most pilgrim that make her prepare them well!

What  Andrea understands by ‘body care’ is not what the rest of humans understand. Yes, she takes care of her, but in that crazy way, she does everything in her life.

If one day you get up wanting to remove your prostheses and put on others, go and do it. And videotape your operating room. And she goes out the door after the operation. And she tells it as if nothing, because ‘LaValdiri’ has this special way of communicating with her own, without hairs on the tongue.

The dancer likes everything great, even the eyelashes. Well-known is her passion for wearing hairpieces in her eyes that she does not release or in the water, the ‘dead before that simple’ orchestrated thinking about her.

And this time, to remove the false eyelashes has passed three villages. She has tried it delicately but when she has seen that she has not been able to, she has resorted to scissors, and, neither cut nor lazy, she has cut them.

Didn’t it occur to you that when you cut the false ones, you would also take the true ones?

Well, that’s how it has been and now in Andrea’s eye … there’s a huge bald spot!

It shows the lack and even jokes about the fact of not being able to sleep, she has messed it brown and instead of crying she laughs like crazy!

Many of us would like to take our life in the Valdiri style, laugh instead of crying even if we have done a topic on the face.