Yanet García boasts a heart attack bikini! Small views!


It has a great body

The Mexican model and expresentadora have returned to ‘warm-up’ Instagram with a bikini perched on her back enjoying the beach. The fitness girl envies in networks with her posts enjoying her vacation in a real paradise. A luxury hotel in Puerto Rico where you are taking a break with your partner. Go two lovebirds!

It seems that leaving work has been wonderful. After passing through television, Yanet has dedicated herself to social networks and caring for her body like never before. She loves to give weights! In addition to the own app that promotes to get fit. While Mexican television still can’t find a perfect candidate to ‘make Garcia forget’. How to make her forget! What a difficult task for me to ‘replace’ it.

She does not seem to care much about who is graceful of ‘taking her place’, she boasts a great body on the beach with an incredible landscape in the background and good company. And she is enjoying life as a couple with Lewis Howes (‘one of the gurus’ of social media fitness in the United States) Based on the good!

After a few months in which she has focused on her work and other projects, Yanet has once again delighted all her fans with her photos of a heart attack. Leaving her follower’s speechless paying tribute to her body boasting of her. And it has almost 13 million followers on Instagram! To those who will continue to delight in their work routines and show off the results with ‘little cloth’ above. How she likes to show off! 

After your vacations as a couple, you will return to the United States to continue with your 2020 projects after leaving Mexico. She has already revealed some of them, such as sharing their routines with Internet users and improving physical fitness together with Yanet.