Renée Zellweger left no choice for the rest … the prize went to her!


Those who bet on her were not wrong

The real-life story of Renée Zellweger is that of the movie, never better said. At 50 she has known the honey of success, the fall in the profession and subsequent depression and her rebirth as an actress with the role of Judy Garland. The jury had no doubt when considering her the Oscar winner for best actress, with her performance she left no choice for the rest of the nominees!

Charlize TheronScarlett Johansson or the so-called Cynthia Erivo had nothing to do with a Renée that embroidered the role of Judy, one of the performances she was forced to offer due to lack of money and the situation complicated by the custody fight of their children. There was no better actress when defending the role of the interpreter of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or other options were raised, Renée fit the role from minute one.

To play the role as faithfully as possible, Renée tells that she studied Garland by heart, from the gestures of the actress – and that she reproduces as if they were her own – to the physical posture so characteristic of the actress. So studied and so perfect that it has served to take the prize home, there are already two statuettes under the roof of Zellweger!

With this role, the actress wanted to break up with ‘Bridget Jones’ and the comic roles with which she has always been related. And with the results obtained, it must be recognized that nothing is wrong.

BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe and now a statuette confirm the good cinematographic moment that the actress is going through.

Gone are the magazine sheets where only the aesthetic touch-ups of an actress who had fallen out of favor but who has risen today thanks to Judy Garland and her efforts were discussed.