Swimsuit with holes! Bethany Lily teaches more, and she doesn’t care!


Bethany Lily is a waste of sensuality. The model originally from England represents British beauty very well, has managed to penetrate without haste, but with a firm step in most of the platforms that revolve in the digital sphere. Frequently, she usually hooks her fans with photographs full of charm and color. She knows how to show exactly what everyone likes to see. Her Instagram account is an indisputable reflection of the magnetic attraction that it causes, to say it is easy, but having recorded the large sum of almost 1 million 800 thousand followers who rave about her grace and beauty, is really lethal.

The spicy influencer enjoys her work, also doing it with an elegance that awakens the interest of being farther from the digital universe, accumulating, for this reason, more fans. 

On this occasion, she has published a warm image, but always with that special touch that makes it unmistakable.  Bethany was seen in profile wearing an aggressive swimsuit sexy white swimsuittight to her imposing figure, revealing all her magic between ties. Nothing is random, she knows without a doubt that the looks will come.

The British Girl is madness in social networks. It has a body with prodigious measures, and if you add to this its face of Goddess, then you will have found the dream woman. 

Bethany Lily in the natural

There has been much speculation about the amazing figure of  Bethany Lily. There is an important current among her followers, who say that the model has gone through the operating room several times to have delicate surgeries, in order to favor parts of her body. As for these comments, the beautiful model clarifies that her body is completely natural, appreciating completely different from the other girls who are dedicated to the same trade, that’s why her great success. People are tired of the artificial and that is where the influencer takes advantage.