New details of Resident Evil 8: Medieval atmosphere with witches and armored zombies leaked


Last month the first details of Resident Evil 8 were leaked, among which they highlighted that it will be a horror game in the first person and that it will serve as a sequel to Resident Evil 7. Yesterday, German channel shared new information.

Before continuing, it should be noted that the following information should not be taken for granted, since the game is still in development, and many things can still change. Now, let’s continue.

According to rumors, the game will be released in two years from this date, and like the previous leak, it is not confirmed if the name will be Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil “something”.

As for the setting, everything indicates that it will be a game with a medieval theme, which takes place in a snowy valley located in Eastern Europe. The castle will not be missing, although it would be smaller than that of Resident Evil 4.

So far, everything matches the information we already had about Resident Evil 8, but according to this new leak, the game will have creatures with wolf features, and not werewolves themselves. In addition, there will be more than one type of witch, and the zombies will have medieval attire, with their respective armor and swords (Dark Souls comes to mind).

Finally, this new game will have more action than the previous installment, and according to the leaked information, the gameplay would be similar to that of Not a Hero.

We leave you the video with the filtering (in German, subtitled in English), insisting that you should not take all this information for granted because there is still a lot left for the launch of the game.

Do you like the idea of ​​a medieval Resident Evil? What title would you give it?