This remake of Battle For Middle Earth in Unreal Engine 4 looks amazing


As we saw with many other titles, a fan is making a remake of Battle For Middle-Earth in Unreal Engine 4. Its creators called it Battle For Middle-Earth Reforged. Below we show you in a video.

The video shows fabulous scenes of the structure of the Isengard fortress. In addition, you can hear the voice of a commentator that explains the characteristics of this majestic fortress. One of the most important comments that deserve to be cited is: “ The fortress is initially made of stone and iron. However, as Isengard grows in power, he can improve strength, using his resources to make it even more resistant to damage with Obsidian Defense. ”

The first version of this video game, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth was released in 2004, by EA, however, they lost their rights and did not develop sequels. The release date of Battle For Middle-Earth Reforged is unknown, but many are looking forward to it soon. The creators want to update the game features to the current gamers’ requirements. We can only hope that they succeed.

What do you think of this remake of Battle For Middle-Earth? Would you like to try it?