Bad Buny and Selena Gomez interested in the same, would you guess what it is?


A couple of singers has several things in common

Nobody would say that Bad Bunny and Selena Gomez have something in common besides dedicating themselves to music. And of course, that something has nothing to do with the way they understand the style, they are both interested in extolling the pride of belonging to their land for the breadth and length of the whole world!

It seems that after this year’s Super BowlLatin is going to be more fashionable than ever. It is no longer just about beaches, reggaeton, and salsa, now the whole world enjoys Latin for one reason or another. Bad Bunny and  Selena Gómez have boasted origins in an impromptu ‘interview’ that the singer has done to the performer too!

Pride of surname on the part of the singer and her Latin ancestors and pride of the Puerto Rican who does not skimp on words when talking about the place where she was born, so different but so equal when it comes to representing her land!

What is clear is that the fame of these two characters will help to make visible the reality of the Latino community that is outside their places of origin and that the sports show of the year has been the trigger for it.

Is this ‘pseudo’ interview the prelude to something that is being cooked and we still don’t know?

Some time ago there was talk of a possible musical collaboration between them that is why their voices combined as they thought they saw an intimate friend of the singer. At that moment neither Bad called nor Selena dared to take the first step.

Selena proud to take a name so different from her last name and Benito – Bad’s non-artistic and less known name – willing to walk the greatness of her land all over the world. And to collaborate, they say, if things do not distort. The same this time if there is luck.