The dance of Cristina Hurtado (JLo) that drives Instagram crazy


He has nothing to envy to the diva of the Bronx

Cristina Hurtado is one of the few celebrities who dare to go out on the street with her face washed,  without a pinch of makeup and who does not run as soon as she distinguishes a target in the distance, she is beautiful in any way. And she also knows how to dance and keep up with few others, it shows that there is Latin blood in her veins!

There is no better excuse than the night, where the defects are almost not seen, and find a subject that is hitting very hard in all the chains and that also coincides with her name:  ‘My name is Cristina’ de Maffio with Justin Quiles, Nacho and Shelow Shaq. Cristina and the Colombian sound that hears her name starts dancing and reminds us of the movements of JLo!

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Do you not see a certain resemblance between them or is it that both of them are just as good at moving?

Without shoes, barefoot and with a set of the most summery Cristina begins to move along the pace, is comfortable and although her thing is not the dance, it is noted that in choreography issues she is not very misguided!

If the dance is as improvised as it seems, you have to recognize that the result is good, right?

And as the words remain,  the television host accompanies the publication only with the word ‘Cristina’, for her, for what it sounds like and why nothing more needs to be said!

Surely on the other side her husband Josse Narvaéz holds the camera to not miss a single movement so that all her unconditional can assess that Cris and the Bronx diva share the same style when dancing!

If one day I had to look for an alternative to her profession as a presenter, as a model or as a businesswoman, I could always turn to dance, don’t you think?