Something is happening! Piqué doesn’t open her mouth after the Super Bowl and that?


She didn’t even congratulate her on her birthday

Success, glamor, and brilliance before, during and after the Super Bowl, the duel of styles between Shakira and Jennifer Lopez remained on tables – although some do not see it that way – extolling everything Latin but with the approval of the public. Until the ‘ex’ of JLo, Marc Anthony has commented on the time of her daughter and the singer during the middle time, unlike  Gerard Piqué who has not opened her mouth. Not a single publication, not a word, what is happening to you?

Remember that Shakira starred in one of the most reproduced and commented moments of the whole show: that kind of tribal scream while sticking out her tongue and that it has given rise to jokes of all kinds. Not even to support Shak has the player pronounced.

For more inri, the Colombian’s birthday coincides with that of the soccer player and this year she also did it with the Super Bowl. Not a congratulation from your partner, or a word of encouragement before the performance or a clap after. Piqué is missing, will it have been fatal to turn years or the coincidence of the sporting event with her day?

And that Shak received congratulations from many celebrities and not only for her birthday …

It may be that the moment the player’s team is going through is the reason for this perkiness in words or she may prefer to tell it in private instead of making the show of affection public.

The fact is that if we miss it, she sure also …

And all this in addition to the rumors of an alleged pregnancy of Barranquilla after seeing a certain ‘belly’ with the red suit of the Super Bowl, not even a single word!

Look what could say things in Barcelona and look that says few!