Attention! Valerie Dominguez became a very mini mini with her jeans!


Shak’s cousin had a hand with scissors …

Some thought that being Shakira’s cousin had it all done, but Valerie Dominguez has made a little hole in this fame for her own reasons. It is clear that as a television host she has a whole career ahead but as a dressmaker things are very different, Valerie made a very mini with her own jeans!

And although the garment is neither the most appropriate size nor the straight bass, Valerie seems comfortable with her … does anyone really think that is not what I was looking for?

It is typical of Shak’s cousin and for what is mostly known: because of her taste for little clothes, and you have to admit it, you can afford it and any little thing feels great, isn’t it a bit exaggerated to say that the mini is too mini for her?

In the program ‘My name is’ the presenter gives a good account of her style. And of her physique. Many are those who have commented on the fate of her teammate Carlos Calero to share the set with her. And enjoy Valerie live, because although in the truth that the presenter leaves speechless with just a mini, having her next door is the dream of many!

She is proud of her way of being and what she does, she says on her wall. And very little they care what they say about lengths, garments or whatever they wear, there is nothing like being sure of what is shown and what I know, even if it is with a small skirt of uneven low. And with a bikini and nothing else.

She will not be a dressmaker but she does not lack pleasure when it comes to seeking techniques to get attention and make her recognized by her name and not by that of her family.