Yanet García causes sweat every time she looks like this!


Although she seems not to notice, does she?

Yanet García is not sure if leaving the program that catapulted her to stardom has been a good idea. And that put land in the middle ‘in the name of love’ and to make the Americas … Although the little models with which the viewers were glad to continue being part of their closet bottom, with what they put on, they are capable of causing sweat and spasms!

It was said that Issa Vegas could be the face that could replace her and since Yanet found out she has done nothing but hit the weights. And to the gym. And to the exercises she sells with her ‘app’, everything to remain the television host that everyone remembers. And now that another name is dropped, that of Lorena Cid, we don’t know how it will fit. Lorena is doing fitness butt … will she be able to cover Garcia?

So that does not happen, the presenter seems to think, decide what to do and … dress for the occasion and for the photo!

He says that the color red suits her well – there is no evidence of a color that does not do justice to her body – and although she does not say so, she continues with the same line and the same figure as when she left the television, Los Angeles feel of vice, why come back!

He only needs to finish finding the television project she is looking for – although she does not say so – and in which she leaves America as open-mouthed as we are. Even on the terrace of her house, and with a thoughtful gesture.

He did not find another shorter dress or another that did more justice to her nature, and if she found it, it was not red, which she says is her color. And just as Sol Pérez says that you have to pose so that you can see all the benefits of one is how Yanet does. Although you think if you have been successful with the model, with color or with America.