Too much for the eyes! Suzy Cortez is Miss BumBum for all that!


Any doubt about the title after seeing it?

Already only with the title of ‘ Miss BumBum’ one realizes that the specimen in front is not anything, nor any size. Suzy Cortez only has the abbreviation of her name as a child because the rest is all big.

Shame doesn’t go with her but football does. She loves FC Barcelona and, above all, Messi, her work with her borders on unexpected limits, an image of her idol has just been tattooed near her most intimate area!

Will Antonella know this detail or does she know that she has nothing to do with the player?

You just have to see it to realize that the title won comes as a ring to your finger. She has the most beautiful lower back in the world, that’s what the title is about. And she knows it and exploits it as it is best given, by photography. And that says that in the light version of their networks only hangs those that are suitable for all hearts … what will be the ones we can not see!

OnlyFans gives you wide sleeves and avoids censorship there because few snapshots go through the standards!

He does not need to wear leather leggings or take the least daring stance so that Suzy’s thing comes into view, too much for the eye! Impossible to see it in one pass!

With one foot on one of the weights you use to tone your body and holding your hair, did anyone notice the color of your top or there were no eyes for it?

Sol Pérez has stopped having the exclusive until she reaches the levels that Suzy has reached. Brazil has won Argentina in size! At least as long as Cortez remains Miss BumBum.