Lele Pons the mess in Mexico and Miami. An entire country, Shakira and JLo angry


The Venezuelan influencer has gotten into two puddles almost at once. Earth swallow me…

The influencer, model and businesswoman Lele Pons has long been aware of the impact of everything she does, says and shows in her social networks. That is precisely why at this point the Venezuelan should already measure her appearances better in public to try not to disturb so many millions of people.

Two days ago I posted a video on the social network of short videos Tik Tok in which she first appeared dancing with friends dressed to party and then went on to represent supposed Mexican dancers and singers falling into endless stereotypes and clichés that they did not like Nothing in the Central American country. In fact, there are many people who have shown their anger at the influencer and have even asked for the withdrawal of Venezuelan citizenship

Not content with this action Lele has uploaded a video just a few hours ago in which she imitates, on a football field, first  Shakira to later move to New York Jennifer Lopez. During the video, she is alternating mythical dances of the Colombian and the North American managing to dazzle those who see her because Lele moves really well and manages to imitate both artists quite well. 

However, there have been many discordant voices that are upset by the imitation, asking Lele Pons to remove it because it is a crude copy of the two artists and that it is not the day to hang it, just hours before the performance that will lead to The two Latinas out in the final of the Super Bowl held in Miami this morning. 

In a matter of hours, the most anticipated performance of the year will arrive in the United States and then Lele will be eclipsed by the two divas truths, Shakira and López. Meanwhile, Lele will continue to make friends in her IG …