What a hangover! They catch Becky G lying on some stairs!


Did the party go out of your hands?

Fame and party are synonyms in the life of every celebexcesses and extreme moments of those who then give a good account through their photos … they should think twice! This is how they caught Becky G, but her thing with the party is already known …

True, it has a lot to celebrate. Her ‘Bad Santa’ has reached the top and there is no time of day that is not heard on all stations. Tour announcements, new songs that she sings along with other greats such as Pedró Capó and Carlos Rivera, moments next to Sebastián Lletget and much, lots of parties!

She forgot that there is always someone watching her!

And is that the singer has been seen lying on some stairs as if she had delivered to the night and fun and was defeated

As long as she is, and on steps, each of them with a message – ‘share yourself’ – and with a tracksuit of those of her style, that’s how the edge appears after her supposed sarao!

What will it be to climb the stairs and find a  Becky of this way?

The night got out of hand …

The same thing we are thinking about partying and night when in reality the singer is taking a break in a workday, often a place has chosen for recess!

Fame to like to have a good time and not to endure nor rules or rules does, any of the two possibilities goes with it.

It would only be necessary for her to tell it herself or that, as the step on which she is lying says, share with us the reason for that photo, and if you want, also the moment.

Already warned, it is not bad or holy, but we have ignored it, not even a little.