28 years later and millions of dollars invested. Stallone, it was so easy ..


The actor takes three decades to achieve it. He regrets but there is no going back

If Hollywood is characterized by something, it is to exercise a curse on those who live there: that of wanting to always remain young, as if it were never the Land of Neverland. There are many personalities who have been trapped in this trap and have done their best and impossible to delay something that on the other hand is the law of life, aging itself.

With the arrival of the new century, there were many actors and singers who wanted to win the battle to nature based on operating rooms and the results, in most cases they were horrifying. When we talk about personalities who have been portrayed after passing through the operating rooms of the hospitals it is impossible not to start with Mickey Rourke. His face has been unrecognizable and a first glance is enough to see that his battle against aging has been an absolute failure. 

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Syl throughout the years! 😎

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There are not many celebrities who recognize their passage through the scalpel but Sylvester Stallone already did it in 1992 when he declared in public that he had premiered in the workshop of humans, the operating room. Since then countless operations with a lot of money involved so as not to hit the key in any of them. His face evolved until he lost virtually any expressiveness and seemed like a cartoon of himself


It was at the end of January when in a public appearance, the New York actor has been dyeless and bearded, much more natural than what he has used in the last three decades and has been a total success. The networks have applauded his decision congratulating him for showing himself that way and urging him to continue like thisHis 74 years are no shame and the sooner Sylvester finds out the better for him. Sometimes we look for a goal so much that we lose the north and we end up getting just the opposite of what we wanted. It is enough to stop looking for it to hit the spot.