Video games make you better in sex, driving and more


Some in society like to throw insults, or try to “nerd” people who enjoy video games, or at least they used to, but they might be surprised to learn that video games make you better in sex, better driving a car and much better in other things, according to a study that shows that players have skills in many areas that might surprise those who have adopted certain stereotyped views of those who enjoy tearing down hordes of hellspawn in Diablo or killing the Call of Duty competition.

Video games sometimes receive a bad reputation from the uninformed. Not only are they blamed for everything from mass shootings to attention deficit disorder, but the intentionally uninformed choose to attack those who play them as well.

The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which is run by the International Society of Sexual Medicine. Dr. Andrea Sansone, a member of the department of experimental medicine at the University of Sapienza in Rome, analyzed 396 people, of whom 287 said they were gamers.

In the study, participants were questioned about their sexual health and their performance on the spot. The funny thing is that those who played video games showed better performance, but the main difference between players and non-players is that the former had more energy and had fewer problems of premature ejaculation, although they have a lower sexual appetite (lie).

The explanation for this may be due to a brain disorder related to the sensation of reward, which is affected after playing a lot, and maybe related to Hyperprolactinemia, that is, the increase in the hormone prolactin in the blood.

The second explanation would be related to the high level of dopamine that is generated in gamers, which would provide greater control over premature ejaculation in exchange for a decrease in libido.

This research also showed that gamers are better at driving, and this is because they have more precision in their movements. This condition seems to be unique to those who love action games, as they are constantly forced to predict rival movements.

In addition, the gamers are very good at the time of making decisions and the perception of sounds.

Before running off to show off, I want them to know that playing Fortnite all day does not necessarily make you a sex guru.