Too much for the eyes! Lucia Javorcekova dressed only with ribbons!


A very diplomatic way of teaching what’s under the dress

Being considered the most beautiful cyclist in the world is not a snot of turkey, especially if it is obvious how beautiful you are for a while and that you bring more than one head. If on top of being beautiful you have a scandal physique, you embroider it. Lucia Javorcekova is the model that meets these two premises and leaves everyone who sees her with her little models crazy, I miss clothes!

It is normal to see the athlete with light cloth sets, knows the art of brightening the eyes and practices it like no other, what to do with everything one has if it cannot be shown later?

And go if it does, and go if there are eyes that look at it!

From minimal bikinis to dresses like today, can anyone consider dressed a lot of strips that teach more than they cover? she does, although the rest …

Beach, sand and sun, and a white bikini underneath you see, it  transpires without problem, That was the goal!

You have to recognize it, Lucia is spectacular.

Do not forget that the model is considered an influencer on fashion issues , how will she not know what she has to wear, how to put it on and how to leave everyone who looks at her with her mouth open?

The line that separates the top of the skirt lets you see some abdominals that have their origin in their exercise periods, although this time they are the least, the important thing is the fringes , and the bikini and she looking at the sun does anyone Did you notice that you are wearing a hat?

Surely we had eyes to see Lucia in all its splendor but we put aside the details, why lose sight of other things when she has everything you want to see!