Konami reveals that his earnings fell by an “Increase in the cost of producing new titles”


Although in recent years Konami has been rather a kind of passive observer in the world of video games, the few titles they have published generate a lot of money, and as expected, the combination of relatively low production costs with sales Phenomenal has worked very well for the company. However, it seems that has been changing in recent months.

In his most recent quarterly financial report, Konami revealed that despite an increase in their income and earnings for the quarter, they are reducing their forecasts for the next quarter “due to the recognition of losses due to deterioration of property, plants, and equipment; and the goodwill between the increasingly competitive environment surrounding the sports business, seeking to improve and strengthen our revenue structure, and a review of the product launch period. ”

Konami’s games division also experienced a decline in revenue, and that is what is particularly interesting. Konami argues that the main reason is ” the increase in production costs of new titles, and research and development costs” One possibility is that Konami is investing more money in the few titles they normally publish, (such as Pro Evolution Soccer and Yu-Gi-Oh!) And with the new generation of consoles just around the corner, they are renewing their engines. The other is that they are developing new titles outside these franchises.

Recent reports link Konami with the development of two new Silent Hill games, while the company itself has recently confirmed that it is looking for ways to revive the franchise, so it is likely that there is going to stop the money, although this is simply speculation.

Will Konami be investing in new installments of Silent Hill? Are they thinking of producing more games than usual?