Go crazy with the idea! Nicki Minaj becomes a drag queen like this!


They asked her and she said yes

It was taking Nicki Minaj a long time to test what it feels like in the skin of a drag queen, the aesthetic comes to her that not even the hair, you could not have found a better representative than the singer next to RuPaul l ! the drag queen par excellence next to the hip-hop one, too much!

With all the open fronts that the singer now has – although the palm is taken by her brother’s imprisonment – Nicki has come up with pearls that took her into account when selecting the jury of one of those programs that is returning crazy to everyone who knows about her, ‘RuPaul Drag´s race’, Minaj said yes to the offer to be a judge!

Nothing more and nothing less than twelve seasons takes the show on the air, with a jury of the most strict and selective, three fixed judges who accompany from the first season and another that is changing programs. Of the latter is the profile of the singer, although not being a guest judge will be less firm in her decisions …

RuPaul has been in charge of publicizing the new edition of the program and the presence of Nicki, and as you can see in the video at the time the signing of the singer has been known, all her followers have gone crazy with the idea!

It is not the first time that Minaj lends her image to appear in a reality show, she already dropped by ‘American Idol’ and it is seen that she liked the experience.

It is clear that being the image that inspired several contestants from past editions of the drag program has been enough to ensure the presence of the singer, nothing better than having your idol in front to get inspired!

Knowing what it is like and its taste for attracting attention, we would not be surprised at anything that became a drag during its broadcast, and the truth, it would not be bad at all!