Butt tension! The Shakira and JLo moment before the Super Bowl


Hard Rock Stadium will bring together the two Latinas of the moment

There has been so much talk about the supposed enmity between Shakira and Jennifer Lopez since they learned that they would act in the Super Bowl that seeing them together now in a photograph sounds like tongo. Especially the weekend before the biggest sporting event and the showcase of models and themes!

They have to be nervous, there is no doubt we are too!

It was their turn to swallow their pride and make themselves very happy and happy as if they included everything that was a friendship of the good… often, and often that of both!

The Hard Rock Stadium looks forward not only to the time when the Kansas City Chief and the San Francisco 49ers start their showdown in the field but rest in which the confrontation of all starts guest artists, the time Shak vs JLo is as expected!

As the date has approached, the two have been dropping some clues of what they have prepared for that moment, eager to see them and more nervous even if it is possible to know who takes the prize in criticism!

While the Colombian has posted videos of how she was preparing while throwing a ball to the sound of her ‘Like’ with Anuel AA,  the Bronx diva shared training and part of her choreography. Again the imagination accompanied JLo when launching a challenge, a challenger to her followers, #JLOSuperBowlChallenger, encouraging them to imitate their rhythm … have many been brave?

Little or nothing is known about the songs they are going to sing and the costumes with which they will accompany their performance, despite supposed leaks and possibilities. Nor is much more known about the rest of the guests although Beyoncé’s name sounds loud.

The only thing that is known is that the 14 minutes of the average time will have to be shared … and that there will be only one winner in the field and another in show and style!