Shannon de Lima drives this 170,000 euros car through Madrid


Go out with a monster

Shannon de Lima uploaded a video to her social networks in which she was seen driving a luxurious car through the streets of Madrid. As soon as the interior appeared and a little of the exterior was seen in the rearview mirror, but that was enough for several of her followers to detect what the car was and the model it looked. Neither more nor less than a Mercedes AMG G63, an all-terrain model, which is considered among the best vehicles on the planet. Because it has no limit outside the asphalt and is able to climb the most complicated mountains, powered by a 585 hp block. A real mockery.

It is a car designed in 1979 and is considered the reference TT. Obviously, this model is much more modern, but always retaining the foundations and originality. Its engine is gasoline, a powerful four-liter V8, capable of going from 0 to 100 in just four and a half seconds, and reaching 240 kilometers per hour. This madness is associated with an automatic gearbox of nine Speedshift TCT 9G radios and the traction is permanent integral AMG Performance 4Matic. But, without a doubt, the negative part of the car is its high fuel consumption, because, on average, it consumes 13.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

But, who can afford to buy this car, valued at 170,000 euros, can afford to maintain it without any problem. A true cyclone, which Shannon de Lima had the opportunity to wear. And eye, one more detail: its weight is more than two and a half tons. Without a doubt, it is shielded in case of an accident.

“That lasts the life of a millionaire (note the irony)”, “Sometimes we forget what Real Madrid players earn” and “And I am happy with my car, which is already 13 years old” it looked.