Wanda Nara beats Antonella Roccuzzo! Photo like this in the jacuzzi


It has no rival

Wanda Nara has taken advantage of a few days off, in which she has not had to intervene in Big Brother VIP Italy, to travel to France and spend time with her husband, Mauro Icardi, and her children. A tremendous joy for all, since they had not seen each other for a few weeks, and they already missed each other a lot. Undoubtedly, the wait has been long, and they have met again eagerly, but soon they must say goodbye again because everyone has their appointments busy because of work. The consolation is that every day that passes is less for them to meet again.

On her Instagram, Maxi López’s ex-wife also took the opportunity to upload an image that generated a stir, because it is quite atypical. In it, she is seen inside the jacuzzi, in what appears to be a luxurious spa, or even in her house. But worst of all, it appears completely dressed! People were amazed to see her not only with clothes but with a red and black dress that seems to be quite expensive, submerged in the water. This is one more eccentricity in the extensive history behind her, which includes all kinds of scandals.

Obviously, her followers were speechless, while many others criticized the follies she does, and how little she values ​​money. And obviously, without forgetting or neglecting those people who were once again discussing who is more beautiful, whether Wanda or Antonella Roccuzzo.

“What is it, to scrub our face that you have money left over?”, “Stop criticizing so much, everyone does what they want with their money and their body”, “Antonella would never do this” or “For things like I think this one is arrogant ”were the comments.