Second round! Jessie J and Channing Tatum try again!


They have been seen walking and holding hands

They say that ‘where there was a fire there are always embers’, although we also hear that ‘the second chances were never good’. But it shows that neither Jessie J nor Channing Tatum have paid attention to the proverb and have decided to give themselves a second chance. The celebrity couple is back together … but until when?

Nor is it that they have given much time to take some time because since December when they said goodbye, today, less than two months have passed, have they realized so soon that they cannot be the one without the other?

The reason for the breakup or what they wanted they’re unconditional to believe were differences in lifestyle, something that is apparently only possible in their orb and in the few others …

But according to his closest environment, despite the separation, both continued to worry and take care of each other without sharing a roof until Jessie began to spend the occasional night in the actor’s house. And so on until today. They try again.

And for everyone to find out and stop whispering, the couple has gone shopping together, hand in hand on Los Angeles street and with a smile on their faces.

Can you be clearer without using the words?

And in case anyone has any doubts about this sudden return, the couple has returned to follow each other on social networks and share the most caramelized photos.

From the Grammy ceremony to the present day the couple has been seen more in love than ever and with overflowing love for the four sides in each of their messages.

It is noted that the sayings are only valid for some, who do not go with them.