Goddess! Charlize Theron has no competition whatsoever, her is brutal!


Beauty and talent in the same actress

If there is a Hollywood star that everyone talks about and that everyone thinks the same is Charlize Theron, with it you can only be objective. And not only in appearance. The criticisms in her role in ‘Bombshell’ coincide, Charlize is immense!

Seeing the billboard that represents her latest film and identifying it is an act of faith. Neither the actress seems herself nor does she even recognize her in the eyes. The change is so brutal that anyone would say it is her. And all thanks to three hours of makeup every day to give life to that character, it is difficult to hide such perfect features that define it so much!

The attraction with the cameras and the lenses is something that the actress cannot avoid. And it is not that she looks for them, perhaps because of that relationship with elegance and the delicate.

The prize of the Union of Designers who are responsible for dressing everyone who is someone in  Hollywood has been the last place we have seen her. Large, impressive, divine and as only she knows, so has been her appearance.

As a Greek goddess, with a golden dress that accompanied with a matching headband, the actress appeared. All eyes were on her and Charlize did not disappoint.

Little makeup – the tendency that she has been practicing regularly – pixie haircut that she already wore at the lunch before the Oscars, let all the prominence be taken by the outfit chosen for the occasion. And she triumphed.

It shows that after finishing the filming of ‘Bombshell’ the actress has decided to give her face a break and share the trend not make up to which so many are lately ‘joining’.

With or without makeup, Charlize has no competition, does it show?