The mambo is going! Fani’s (other) boyfriends of ‘The Island of Temptations’


Details of their past relationships are discovered

The story of an extremely jealous girl who after a convulsed past in relationships finds the love of her life is a classic. The novelty of the story is that the protagonist is Fani and that she has seen the opportunity to test her love in ‘The island of temptations’, what incongruity!

The case is that the league was noticed that Fani arrived wanting to eat the world and make a little hole in the world of fame, fast money is what he has … although he forgot to become popular – not famous – to He has his face b!

Until reaching Rubén, if they are still together after a series of unfriendly and more loving approaches with Rubénthe contestant has gone through several relationships. And curiously all with characters also known, not famous … do coincidences exist only for her?

So far, ‘ex’ assumptions are emerging with the same speed with which mushrooms grow …

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From ‘Save Me Deluxe’Mario Artiaga, from a very old batch of Big Brother said he shared more than words with Fani. And not once or twice, but several times and that he did it with the intention of approaching him because of being known and with the intention of leaving her anonymity … will it be true?

But there is nothing left. Another of the famous on duty, Jacobo Ostos acknowledged knowing the inhabitant of the island for many years but did not make it very clear as to what … another?

All this comes from the supposed rumors that Fani’s intention from the beginning of the contest would be to participate in the next edition of ‘Survivors’, it is seen that the real issue is going even if they do not try to love.

And while they finish coming out known, novices or possible, the possibility of mounting the duo Fani-Christopher begins to be considered …

You have to admit, this girl gives a lot of play.