Be careful with this plane! Lele Pons risks: Cover yourself! And ignores


Perfection doesn’t exist, but she doesn’t seem to know

So that in a photograph everything goes well it takes some odd attempts, to succeed the first in the snapshots almost that it is a chimera. The same thing happens with Lele Pons, perfection has its rehearsal hours.

The humorist shows the final result of her publication after giving many instructions to the person on the other side. She tells her what her best profile is, she studies the plans to find the right one and she doesn’t realize that the real danger is in the model she has chosen to pose, Lele has passed!

You can afford the taste and expense of a couture suit, of the Chanel that only a few would dare to wear, including the influencer. A pink patent leather that constrains your body with a tank top too long? Distraction tactics for everyone who looks at it and does not account for all the hours that have passed until the desired result are achieved?

More than one would recommend a shawl to cover the phosphorus tone, but as always, Lele risks and ignores it. In matters of styling and irony, the one that rules is her.

Posture a bit complicated, hairstyle even more difficult and orders and more orders to the photographer who is far from being professional, does she pretend impossible with the elements she has? Or do you trust your physique too much to know that in the end, everything will work out?

The bet and be victorious in each of his appearances always goes well and this time was not going to be less. Plans that fit and garments that make it more services to keep all her followers happy, we already know that brightening the view goes more with her, the cover is left to others.