A lot of pasta! This cost the villas of ‘The island of temptations’


With these luxuries … will infidelity be understood?

Go preparing the Visa or collecting heels with good funds because in ‘The island of temptations’ nothing is freeEverything has a price, even the love of those who have concentrated there. And the villas where they live and exchange love, too.

If a few days ago the ‘payroll’ of the contestants came to light  – and by the way, not at all splendid – today we have known the number of euros that Mediaset disburses for each of the weeks that the protagonists test their fidelity. Make numbers to see if it compensates them.

Think that to enjoy the enclave you will have to travel to the Dominican Republic, the producer thought that Torremolinos was not enough to test the love of a few and was encouraged to cross the puddle.
And once with the decoration and the right temperature, it was time to find a roof. A real estate company dedicated to luxury rentals was responsible for making available to the Spanish television ‘Villa Playa’ and ‘ Villa Montaña’, two of the most luxurious accommodations in the area where the contestants are.

Jacuzzi, boring rooms, games room and cleaning of the ‘cabin’ twice a day are some of the wonders that have the ‘few given to love’.

And in view of all these amenities, the figure of about 12 thousand euros a week or more than 1500 euros per night does not seem too much … or are we talking about amounts suitable for all types of pockets?

The fact is that like any business, the rental for reality also takes into account the season. In the high price exceeds that indicated, better avoid going at Christmas or Easter or do not want to lose more than 15 thousand euros per week.

And according to figures and life at every train, it is not surprising that Fany sticks her boyfriend or that Andreína changes partners at the first exchange, that everyone has a price and they have already made it clear.