A Shirt and Nothing Else! Caeli Opens It and Makes This Selfie


Caeli captivated many of her followers with a simple outfit, but few imagined before her. Instead of very elaborate garments, she appeared in a photo with a blue shirt, heels, and nothing else. In the selfie that caused more than 600 thousand likes, the Mexican decided to open her shirt to discover her shoulder, reaching another level of charm.

In the publication, she commented that whoever managed to write the word FEELINGS in the comments letter by letter, would be followed by it. Many were the attempts, but only a few who ended up winning the challenge after the initial euphoria went down.

The influencer is having a great time lately, as its content is increasingly bouncing in different parts of Latin America. The terrible moments that had to happen a while ago have been overcome. There are several controversies she has faced since she became famous and still retains some bad relationships with other personalities of the environment, who say it is about manipulation.

The truth is that there are more than 9 million and a half followers who are in favor of the Caeli version.

Caeli’s fires

His way of turning on the networks has not always been with interesting videos or photos, but also with controversy. There are two situations that so far have marked her career.

The first has to do with the contest she won to be part of a reality show. So far so good, but everything was complicated on a party night with your supposed friends YouTubers, as she discovered that they tried to put something in her drink, which ended with a call to the police and her resignation from the project.

Finally, what moved the networks was the leak of her intimate video, which Caeli herself confirmed and asked her faithful to leave in oblivion. CaELiKe will continue in its permanent growth, uploading creative content for those who remain on their side after the storm.