Ernestina Sodi will be sued for the man she ran over


A food deliveryman hit by Thalia’s sister has been injured and unable to work.

Ernestina Sodi is about to be sued by the man she ran over with her truck, a humble fast-food delivery man who was totally unprotected.

The mother of Camila Sodi was with some drinks on top, that was the cause of the accident, and as she has refused to repair damages, Mr. Alberto Ángel Aguilar Guzmán, victim of the accident, revealed that if the dialogue does not reach To a good agreement, she and her family will file a lawsuit to force Ernestina to fulfill her responsibility.

“Those of the insurer made me sign documents forcibly, with them I demarcated Ernestina from taking responsibility for my medical care or the repair of my motorcycle. I thought she was going to support me, but no, at that time I couldn’t reason coordinate ideas, ”Mr. Aguilar Guzmán told Diario Basta.

Don Ángel had strong blows and injuries in the spine, neck, legs, and is being treated only with Road Health Insurance, but it does not cover all the treatments and attention she has to receive in order to begin a speedy recovery.