Barbara Mori reveals that she suffered violence and abuse by her father


The actress revealed that she had a very rough childhood with her father and without mom.

Bárbara Mori revealed that she grew up without a mother, and that since she was a child she lived sad episodes of violence and abuse by her father.

The actress made these strong revelations in the Fabiola Campomanes podcast: “I had a super rough childhood and I grew up without a mother, with a pretty violent dad, so growing up surrounded by this physical and psychological abuse, you think you’re not good enough to deserve love, not even that of your parents, or that of anyone throughout your life. ”

This is what I said to all the people who are currently living in similar situations: “You hit the bottom. I discovered the love for me, I hugged myself, I looked straight ahead and told myself that I would never be left alone or abandoned. Love yourself, love yourself a lot, because the only abandonment we can feel is the one we provoke ourselves, ”said the actress.