Grammy suspended executive president says there is corruption in the awards


A few days before this year’s awards, the executive makes serious accusations about the cleanliness of the awards.

The Grammy suspended executive president, Deborah Dugan, claimed that she has evidence that previous Grammy nominations have been corrupted.

Dugan, the first female head of the organization that administers the Grammy Awards, was suspended last week after an accusation of misconduct, but filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on Tuesday, just five days before Sunday’s ceremony.

Dugan has accused the existence of a “secret committee” that decides who receives a Grammy nomination includes people who have business and personal relationships with artists, and that these give their favorites a boost.

In general, Grammy members select 20 potential nominees in certain categories and internal committees reduce those lists to five or seven eventual nominees.

The former president, Dugan, said that an artist in the 19th position of the 20 initial candidates for song of the year in 2019 received a nomination and that the artist was in fact on the committee that decided the nominations. The same artist, whom he did not identify, is professionally represented by a member of the academy’s board of directors.

The entertainment executive also said that the Academy’s legal advisor, Joel Katz, sexually harassed her and revealed that her predecessor, Neil Portnow, had been accused of rape

Dugan also defended his decision not to immediately request that measures be taken on his accusations, saying he had wanted to promote the “change from within” of the organization.