Danny McBride will be the one who plays Kanye West in autobiographical film


The actor, who has a little physical resemblance to the rapper, has been chosen by West himself.

Kanye West has long been thinking of making a film in which his life and artistic career are narrated, and he has chosen the actor who is going to interpret it, someone who besides being white, has no physical resemblance to him.

West is distinguished by his unpredictable, self-centered personality, and proof of this is the actor he chose to perform on a tape, and it was the same actor Danny McBride who revealed that the rapper personally communicated with him: “Kanye asked me to I would play it in a movie about his life, it was a pretty impressive phone call, ”the actor told The New York Post.

“I don’t know why he wants me to do it. Maybe it’s because of the feeling of ego that I can portray. I have no idea. He practically told me that he is my fan and that he wants to spend time with me, ”said McBride, who is physically blond with light eyes and curly hair.

“Maybe one day we’ll make the movie, I don’t know,” the actor concluded.