Ernestina Sodi suffers car accident


The mother of actress Camila Sodi impacted a hardworking motorcyclist in food distribution.

Ernestina Sodi starred in a spectacular accident in which she was driving her truck, hit a food delivery motorcyclist, resulting in multiple blows and injuries.

Witnesses of the accident say that the speed and lack of caution with which Sodi was driving were the reasons for the accident, in addition to the driver being under the influence of alcohol, reports

The insurance adjuster arrived at the scene of the accident, determining that the motorcycle damages were a total loss, and handed the injured driver the papers to do the corresponding paperwork with the insurer so that the company also took care of the medical expenses.

The motorcyclist’s family has denounced that the insurer was not responsible for the repair of the damages and that so far they have not been able to contact Ernestina Sodi, who disregarded what happened without caring about the damage caused by her imprudence to a humble worker.