Mel B criticizes Meghan Markle for her decision to give up her royal duties


The Spice Girls singer says that Meghan could have made the change, but “the opportunity is gone.”

Mel B says “be devastated” about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to withdraw from their royal duties.

The Spice Girls star has expressed disappointment at the couple’s departure, revealing that she was initially delighted with the union and the ways in which she showed the United Kingdom as a “multicultural nation.”

“As a brunette woman, I’m totally gutted by ‘Megxit,’ she says to OK magazine.

“When Harry met Meghan, I was delighted because finally, a brunette girl would be part of the royal family, and that only showed how far our country has come, but less than two years after marrying him, they have both renounced the royal family. And I feel totally devastated because the reports say they both felt that they had been treated in a racist way. ”

The 44-year-old woman believes that the former actress has missed the opportunity to influence the change and that she should have given more time to her real role.

“She was in a position to make a difference and now that opportunity is gone,” complains Mel B. “You have to put up with things, no matter how difficult they get, because that’s the only way you really prove who you are.” .