Families of dead actors on location will sue Televisa


Actors Luis Gerardo and Jorge Navarro died during a rehearsal of the program ‘Fearless of Truth’.

The families of the actors Luis Gerardo and Jorge Navarro will sue Televisa, after the tragic death of the histrions during the recordings of the series ‘Without Fear of Truth’.

Unofficially, it is known that family members will proceed legally against the television station, since the production did not have the necessary precautions to guarantee the integrity of the actors, who lost their lives when passing through a bridge that lacked security measures, during the recording of a scene.

Jorge Navarro and Luis Gerardo did not have life insurance, and the latter left a wife and two small children totally unprotected. So far it is not known if Televisa has already approached the relatives of the actors to somehow compensate them for the accident they suffered, but it is expected that somehow a fair agreement will be reached with them.