Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía reconcile


Enrique Guzmán is pleased that they have solved their problems and are once again together as the family.

Alejandra Guzmán and her granddaughter Frida Sofía are filing rough edges, as Alejandra’s father Enrique Guzmán revealed.

The singer said she does not know many details of this reconciliation, but she is pleased that they have solved their problems and again be together as the family they are and leave behind the misunderstandings.

“I am always glad that they are well,” the actor also told reporters, adding that the rocker’s health is much better after a few weeks ago she was operated again to extract the polymer from her buttocks. which was injected during a beauty treatment. “I went to eat with her and I saw her pretty well”

“That woman is like pigeons, you don’t need to chase her, she just leaves,” said Enrique, who around her health said she is fine, after moments before talking to the press she felt a little dizzy.

“I’m fine, the doctor already checked me, but it was probably because of the heat,” she said.