This Is Shakira Mama When Milan And Sasha Do Not Separate From Her


Through Instagram, many have discovered the role of the mother of the Colombian …

All help is little for singer  Shakira during this stage of preparations that will lead, on February 3, in that expected -and surely spectacular- performance that she will share with the no less famous Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl musical intermediate: the sporting event with the most audience on the planet.

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That explains that, in addition to exercising with intensity in the gym in order to improve her already enviable physical resistance, the Colombian interpreter has recruited her two children, the adorable  Milan and Sasha  – fruit of her solid relationship with the soccer player Gerard Piqué- to assist him in the task: curiously, by making it more difficult.

As can be seen from the funny video he has shared on her Instagram account, which he has titled ‘Mom Life’, the music star has been exercising her arms and side abs with the use of small weights: a routine that, in, In this case, he has had to combine with the ‘balonazos’ that the greatest of her offspring gave him and without losing her concentration or smile at any time.

In addition to leaving her millions of fans of the platform pleasantly impressed with such an endearing recording, the Barranquilla artist has also suggested that her new theme with the reggaeton Anuel AA, the dance ‘I like’, which sounded in the background throughout The clip could be part of the list of great hits that will be interpreted in the sporting event to be held in Miami.