Gabriella Brooks Is The Beauty That Has Stolen Liam Hemsworth’s Heart

Gabriella Brooks

Miley Cyrus has stayed in the past

Gabriella Brooks is the young model who has conquered the heart of Liam Hemsworth, the former husband of Miley Cyrus. So serious is his attraction to her that he already presented it to her parents, and they spent the New Year’s parties together, according to international media.

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Liam and Gabriel were also caught on a beach recently where the photographer managed to capture how it cost him to stop seeing her, touching her, hugging her and even kissing her.

Gabriela’s classic beauty seems to have erased the love Liam felt for several years for Miley Cyrus, who seems to be, now, just a woman from her past, but not from her present.

The model has captivated the fans of the actor, who already compare Gabriela with the daring singer, and they say they prefer Brooks.