Dua Lipa And Her Sexy Photo In Front Of The Mirror Where She Teaches “Unintentionally” What Her Miniskirt Hides

Dua Lipa

While holding onto a sink, her reflection revealed a very intimate image

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The British of the moment, Dua Lipa, has already acquired the habit of sharing through her social networks provocative images of her in small outfits that reveal a lot of skin and save little for the imagination.

However, what seemed to be this time an innocent photo in front of the mirror became the hottest “mistake” when its millions of followers realized what its sensual reflection revealed.

The interpreter of ‘New Rules’, raised in the lava hands with a short mini skirt, raised her leg to support herself, revealing “by mistake” a large part of her legs and even a little of her rear, which did not go unnoticed to her fans.

Dua has recently announced the new dates of the tour he will perform with her new album “Future Nostalgia”, cheering her European fans who were looking forward to confirmation of their presence in the old continent.