Gigi Hadid Will Not Be Part Of The Jury In The Trial Against Harvey Weinstein

Gigi Hadid

The model failed to convince them

Finally, Gigi Hadid has not passed the second round of the process to select the twelve incumbents and six alternates that will make up the jury in the trial against the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, which started last week in New York.

The famous model returned Thursday to the Supreme Court of Manhattan at the request of the judge who had questioned her on Monday with other residents of the city who had been summoned for the same reason. However, this time he has only remained fifteen minutes inside the building before being discarded as a viable candidate with 60 other people.

In the initial questionnaire he submitted earlier this week, Gigi revealed that he knew Weinstein in person  – who faces two charges of sexual abuse and rape – and that he had also agreed in the past with Salma Hayek and possibly also with Ryan Beatty, who appear in the list of people who can be called as witnesses or mentioned throughout the process.

Despite this, the young woman said that she did not think that would cloud her ability to judge the facts impartially and that she was able to maintain an “open mind.”