YouPorn Offers Work to Meghan Markle: This Is the Proposal for the Duchess

Meghan Markle

The scandal does not cease in British royalty

The job offers, some more serious than others, have not stopped raining the Dukes of Sussex since they announced their decision to leave their duties in the coming months as members of the ‘first division’ of the British royal family to move away from the United Kingdom.

The most striking of all has been without a doubt the one that has made Meghan Markle arrive from the YouPorn adult content platform. Of course, it is not a proposal to put it back in front of the cameras, but to occupy the position of director of special initiatives that, in practice, would lead her to lead her philanthropic work.

Among its responsibilities would be to create and lead an interdepartmental committee that helps shape and oversee the launch of the solidarity initiative that the company expects to launch in the near future.

In the letter they sent to Meghan, the streaming service owners highlight their ability to find “creative solutions ” to any problem and “innovative ways” of working for a better future, which in their opinion makes them the most person indicated for the position, since they have no doubt that he would end the prejudices that cause many charities not to accept her money.