Norkys Batista Nude Appeared On Instagram

Norkys Batista

The anatomy of the Venezuelan was exposed

Norkys Batista is an actress of Venezuelan origin who has starred in successful soap operas for the Hispanic public. Stories such as Juana La Virgen, My Fat Bella, Strange Anastasia, Love of Palos and My Ex I Want It have made her shine in the world of television.

In her repertoire as an actress, the viewer has been able to enjoy different versions of it, where he has been seen giving life to the villain, the bad one that is not so bad, and the hard but vulnerable woman. But at every step, just as her interpretive talent has become evident, her great physical beauty has always been exposed.

Now, on Instagram, the public has been able to see more of it.

“I am active with my #Mycellulost and my #Myfastburner You know that you can ask @STOREFIT Do not be surprised is a human body just😬 take care with the zoom that comes a point where you can no longer see 🤣 #NorkysBatista”, He wrote the Venezuelan, with the first nude from her Instagram in this 2020.