Natti Natasha Without Underwear Under Her Leather Skirt?

Natti Natasha

The butt of the singer was exposed … and her transparent shirt showed that she was not wearing a bra either

Natti Natashaย went to a basketball court, but when she raised her hand to throw the ball, her leather mini skirt rose more than the bill and her butt was exposed to the public in an Instagram photograph.ย The tanguita seems black, although there is still no assurance that underwear is underwear.

“The ball is on your court ๐Ÿ€ #Naughtynat #Despacio,” Natti wrote.

The image adds to the collection of photographs that the Dominican has been sharing on Instagram under the title “Naughtynat”.

It should be mentioned that in this front image under the message of “Bad but good”, it can be seen that the singer does not wear a bra and her breasts, have also been exposed to the camera light.