Jennifer Lopez Talks About The Time She “Rejected” An Oscar Nomination

Jennifer Lopez

The actress confessed that she wants to hit herself every time she remembers him

The announcement of the Oscar nominations last Monday has caused a lot of controversy due to the lack of diversity among those who opt for a golden statuette and also for the contempt that the Academy of Cinema would have made to Jennifer Lopez, having not recognized her work playing a stripper in the movie ‘Wall Street Scammers’.

In that context, the Bronx diva has now wanted to look back to remember another occasion when he could have obtained a nomination for the prestigious awards, but he did not, although that time he was without her because of her own fault.

“There was a movie, ‘Unfaithful’, in which I was offered the main character, but when they sent me the script I thought it was not all it could be. I should have known that the director, Adrian Lyne, was going to embroider it, but I didn’t consider it, ”he acknowledged in an interview with Vanity Fair.

That drama ended up being worth mentioning in the category of Best Actress to its protagonist Diane Lane, who gave life to a woman bored by the lack of passion in her marriage that begins an adventure with a young attractive.

“The truth is that the paper was made for Diane, it was perfect for him, but every time I think about it … it makes me want to hit myself, really,” the singer acknowledged, showing an overwhelming sincerity.