Good Round! This Is How Alicia Machado Showed Her While Sunbathing

Alicia Machado

The Venezuelan left behind the controversies and is dedicated to relaxing.

Alicia Machado is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the beautiful city of Miami.

The former Miss Universe wanted to take advantage of the warm weather to sunbathe at the foot of the pool and tan her figure.

So he let him see with a post he made through Instagram, in which he looks very relaxed and in a bikini.

The Venezuelan model shared a powerful message: “Committed to my health, beauty, and peace of mind. Have a great day, 2020 is waiting for you, ”he wrote.

In the image, we can see the actress and businesswoman lying face down on a terrace, wearing a tiny floral swimsuit that shows her bulky backside.

But the front attributes of the 43-year-old artist also attract a lot of attention, as they seem to be tight on the bikini top, which is decorated with a lot of colorful beads.

A week ago, Alicia Machado starred in a virtual dispute with Alexa Dellanos, whom she criticized for the number of surgeries that have been done, despite her young age.