Freedom! Meghan Markle Dusted Off Her Old ‘Suits’ Locker Room And Went To Canada

Meghan Markle

The outfit he showed in public has not taken long to be analyzed in detail

Between the stars of the small and the big screen, it is usual to keep part of the wardrobe that they use in each of their professional projects as a souvenir. Reese Witherspoon, for example, made sure to include in her contract to shoot the sequel to ‘A very legal blonde’ a clause that guaranteed that he would not have to return the 77 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes that her character and fans of ‘Suits used ‘They are convinced that the Duchess of Sussex did something very similar in the series in which she gave life to lawyer Rachel Zane.

The reason that has made them suspect that he still retains part of her old wardrobe is that on Tuesday he has reappeared in public in Canada after receiving the approval of Isabel II to distance himself with her husband from the hardcore of the British royal family in the next months, and he has done so to visit a women’s center in Vancouver.

Those responsible for the institution have shared on the social networks a photograph of Prince Harry’s wife posing with several staff members and, as often happens in all their official or unofficial visits, the outfit he chose for the occasion has not taken long be analyzed in detail in order to identify the origin of each garment and the total cost of it.

The beige sweater of the brand The Row that the old actress was wearing, combined with simple dark jeans and boots very appropriate for the Canadian winter, has attracted the attention of all those who carefully followed each episode of ‘Suits’ because He reminded them of another who wore in front of the cameras in the ninth episode of the third season. In fact, they seem identical and it is not far-fetched to think that it is the same, since the Duchess has never been afraid to repeat a model.