Explosive Neckline! Mariah Carey Was Presented With A Dress That Showed Her Charms

Mariah Carey

The successful singer captivated everyone present with her incredible curves.

After several days of vacation, Mariah Carey makes her comeback at the premiere of “A Fall From Grace,” a movie produced by Netflix and directed by Tyler Perry.

Undoubtedly, the famous singer born in New York has started this 2020 in the best possible way, since it comes to celebrate the success of her traditional song: “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

After a long family vacation in the Dominican Republic, it seems that Mariah Carey has had a good time with her family and she was very happy to be invited by the director of the film.

A few days ago, the pop star made her presentation at the premiere of the Netflix movie, “A Fall From Grace,” where he filled the glamor room with her spectacular outfit.

Upon arriving at the place where the film premiered, the successful artist took the opportunity to take some photos with Tyler Perry, who had invited her to participate in this event.

In these images that Mariah Carey shared, she can be seen with a tight black outfit with white details, which fit her perfectly and, of course, made her huge curves stand out.

A few hours after publishing these images, the diva took more than 140 thousand likes and many comments that praised her dress, her curves, and her beauty.