Epic! The Last Images Of Shakira That Prove Her “Touch-ups” Was It Operated?


After the launch of its new theme, the Colombian is the target of strong criticism.

A tremendous stir has caused the announcement of the latest musical project by Colombian singer Shakira. The artist starts 2020 with more force than ever and assumes a significant risk.

After setting fire to the networks after the recent release of her new single “I like”, in which the renowned urban music singer Anuel AA also collaborates, the artist heads the front pages of the specialized press worldwide.

And it seems that the news has not been well received by critics or their fans. Her detractors allege that the singer of “Eyes like this” would have descended several steps in her artistic career after performing this duo.

“I love you Shakira but you musically stagnated. Kisses and I hope some muse will enlighten you ”,“ Oh don’t tell me, really with him? the end of the world is near ”,“ From singing with Cerati to singing with Anuel… ”, are some of the comments that can be read on your Instagram account

But another of the issues that have set off alarms around Gerard Piqué’s wife, are the photographs that accompany the promotional image of her new theme, in which he seems to look very different.

The most daring have dared to say that the interpreter of “The bicycle” would have had an appointment with the scalpel before the aforementioned photo session, to “retouch” some physical details. Others, on the contrary, point out that Photoshop would have abused images.

Despite the controversy generated by Shakira at the beginning of the year, her new song is expected to have the same acceptance that many of her songs have had and eventually become a resounding success.